The pace of motorcycle fatalities in Minnesota is showing no signs of slowing down, with two occurring in one crash Monday in southwestern Minnesota.

There have been 30 motorcycle fatalities so far this riding season in Minnesota, according to the state’s Motorcycle Safety Center. Ten of those have occurred since June 13. At this time last season, there were 17 motorcycle fatalities.

A husband and wife were killed when their motorcycle crossed into oncoming traffic while traveling in a construction zone early Monday evening and struck a van on Interstate 90 near Jackson, according to the State Patrol.

Among the van’s occupants, a woman from Iowa and her three young daughters, only the mother required medical attention for what the patrol said were non-life-threatening injuries.

The couple were identified as motorcycle operator Richard Hedeen, 67, and Francois Hedeen, 66, both of Davenport, Iowa.

The patrol said Richard Hedeen lost control of the westbound motorcycle, “veered over the centerline” in a construction zone and struck the eastbound minivan.

The driver of the van was identified as Sharon D. Rowlet, 40, of West Des Moines. The daughters with her are ages 4 and younger.