When it's time to sell your home, photos may make all the difference. The reality is that many potential buyers spend a lot of time perusing photos online before even deciding if they wish to see a property in person. This is where the power of photography comes into play.

These days, with the advent of lower-priced, high-quality cameras and even cellphones, it is possible for homeowners to take very good photographs. Still, others may choose to leave the job to a professional. Regardless, there are some photography tips to keep in mind to make sure your property is ready for its close-up.


• Take photos either in late morning or early afternoon. This is typically when you have optimal light. Never take photos at night.

• Make sure all lamps and overhead lights are turned on.

• Add bursts of color to a space using colorful toss pillows, throws or accents. These touches will help make your photos pop.

• Create a cohesive space. Using similar colors, finishes or complementary decor will help to ensure a space is cohesive.

• Add artwork, a wonderful finishing touch and important accent.


• Forget areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

• Overcrowd a space. A photograph can make a space feel smaller or larger than it actually is in person. When in doubt, edit.

• Forget curb appeal. Many potential buyers will judge a book by its cover. Make sure your home is appealing both inside and out.

• Use a flash. Unless you are a professional, using a flash may create unwanted shadows. Instead, opt for a manual setting on a professional digital camera.

• Forget to use greenery. Whether blooms, succulents, trees or florals, greenery can help make a space look finished and fresh.