Wakanda's lead hairstylist, Camille Friend, shared hairstyling gems that work wonders off the big screen, too.

On Wakanda Knots: "People are calling the Lupita character's signature hairstyle Bantu knots, but they're not. The difference is the Bantu knot is raised. We're basically starting with a flat knot. Meaning that we're taking the hair by sections and twisting it upon itself, twisting it down to what I call a flatter, cinnamon-roll shape. We let the hair dry, then lift it slightly at the roots, so it's off the scalp, but keeps that round shape."

The hands-down best moisturizing products: "Leonor Greyl is one of my favorite lines. My favorite is to mix the Leonor Greyl Serum de Soie Sublimateur styling serum and their L'Huile Secret de Beauté. Sometimes when you put just an oil on the hair, it sits on top. With this combination, the cream helps deliver the oil into the hair. I use it on everybody."

On great braids: "I think the reason Shuri's braids looked as great as they did was first the size, but also the color. I chose shades of dark brown, medium brown, golden red and honey blond that looked great with her skin tone. I'm a longtime braid wearer, and it's important to pick tones that complement the skin."