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NFC North: Vikings 11-5, Green Bay 10-6, Detroit 9-7, Chicago 7-9

Playoffs: Wild-card round, No. 3 Vikings over No. 6 Packers; divisional round, No. 2 Saints over Vikings; Super Bowl, Patriots over Saints 27-23

Vikings’ position ranks (among 32 teams): Quarterbacks 16th, receivers fifth, offensive line 12th, running backs 26th, defensive line 23rd, defensive backs fourth.

Comments: The offense thrives; Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs combine for more than 2,500 yards; Zimmer’s defense recaptures its dominance; cornerback depth pays off. With a defense that’s still in its prime and two top receivers, the Vikings look more like the team that played for the NFC title in 2017 than the one that missed the playoffs last year.

ESPN Power Football Index

11-5: New England

10-6: Kansas City, New Orleans, L.A. Rams, Philadelphia

9-7: L.A. Chargers, Vikings, Chicago, Houston, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Green Bay, Dallas

8-8: Cleveland, Baltimore, Seattle, Jacksonville, Carolina, Tennessee, San Francisco, N.Y. Jets

7-9: Indianapolis, Denver, Detroit, Buffalo

6-10: Tampa Bay, Oakland, Cincinnati, Washington, N.Y. Giants

5-11: Arizona, Miami

ESPN’s NFL Nation

NFC division champs: Eagles, Bears, Saints, Rams

NFC wild cards: Falcons, Packers

NFC title game: Saints over Eagles

AFC division champs: Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Chiefs

AFC wild cards: Chargers, Texans

AFC title game: Chiefs over Chargers

Super Bowl winner: Chiefs (MVP: Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs)

Offensive player of the year: Mahomes

Defensive player of the year: Aaron Donald, Rams

Rookie of the year: Kyler Murray, Cardinals

Will Brinson, CBS sports

NFC North: Vikings 13-3, Chicago 9-7, Green Bay 9-7, Detroit 7-9

Comment: Dalvin Cook leads the NFL in rushing.

NFL Coach of the Year: Mike Zimmer

NFC wild-card round: No. 4 Seattle over No. 5 New Orleans, No. 6 Dallas over No. 3 Philadelphia.

NFC divisional round: No. 1 Vikings over Dallas, No. 2 Carolina over Seattle

NFC title game: Vikings 31, Carolina 28

AFC wild-card round: No. 3 Denver over No. 6 Baltimore, No. 5 Kansas City over No. 4 Indianapolis

AFC divisional round: Kansas City over No. 1 New England, No. 2 Pittsburgh over Denver

AFC title game: Pittsburgh 31, Kansas City 24

Super Bowl: Vikings 30, Pittsburgh 28

Peter King, NBC Sports

NFC playoff seeds: 1. New Orleans; 2. Philadelphia; 3. L.A. Rams; 4. Green Bay; 5. Chicago; 6. San Francisco

AFC playoff seeds: 1. Kansas City; 2. Pittsburgh; 3. New England; 4. Indianapolis; 5. L.A. Chargers; 6. Houston

NFC title game: Saints 30, Eagles 23

AFC title game: Chiefs 27, Patriots 25

Super Bowl: Kansas City 37, New Orleans 27

Mike Florio,

NFC playoff seeds: 1. Eagles; 2. Seahawks; 3. Bears; 4. Panthers; 5. Vikings; 6. Cowboys

NFC wild-card round: Bears over Cowboys, Panthers over Vikings

NFC divisional round: Eagles over Panthers, Seahawks over Bears

NFC title game: Eagles over Seahawks

AFC playoff seeds: 1. Patriots; 2. Chiefs; 3. Jaguars; 4. Steelers; 5. Browns; 6. Jets

AFC wild-card round: Jaguars over Jets, Steelers over Browns

AFC divisional round: Patriots over Steelers, Jaguars over Chiefs.

AFC title game: Patriots over Jaguars

Super Bowl: Patriots over Eagles

NFC North: 1. Vikings, 13 votes; 2. Chicago, 10 votes; 3. Green Bay, 6 votes; 4. Detroit, 0 votes

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NFC North: Green Bay 12-4, Chicago 11-5, Vikings 9-7, Detroit 5-11