Can’t find one of the hottest gifts this holiday season? How about buying just the box?

The rush to find Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition video-game console has become so fever pitched that eBay opportunists have resorted to selling just the box to desperate gift givers. The pitch: “Makes a great gag gift!”

Winning auctions, including shipping, have closed for as much as $212.45 and as little as $7.50.

“What’s in the box?” says one eBay listing. “Nothing! It’s an empty box. Use it to trick your friends and family! Record the reaction and post it on social media.”

That one sold for almost $75 shipped.

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition revives the classic video-game system’s ’80s heyday with revamped connections for modern TVs. The console fits in the palm of your hand, but it uses regular-sized classic controllers. Great games like “Super Mario Bros.,” “The Legend of Zelda,” “Castlevania” and 27 other classics come preloaded, plus one controller, for a paltry $60 — for those lucky enough to find limited quantities in retail stores.

The system — not just the box, but the whole thing — has been reselling on eBay for $150 to $300.