By Jon Bream

How did Ringo Starr get the Electric Fetus T-shirt that he wore to the Grammys on Sunday?

Last night during the 52nd annual awards, I received three e-mails about the Beatle wearing the T of Minneapolis' oldest head shop. This morning we bring you the back story: Ringo got the shirt from his nephew who lives in the Twin Cities. Christian-Philippe Quilici gave Ringo the T for Christmas a couple of years ago. Christian is the events poobah extraordinaire for Vita.Mn, the Star Tribune's sister publication.

Here are some other random thoughts about this year's Grammys:

A Minnesotan was recognized from the stage -- by her husband. Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong gave a shout-out to his wife, Adrienne, who is from New Brighton, when his group won best rock album for "21st Century Breakdown." And the camera caught a quick glimpse of her.

Aside from Ringo and Lionel Richie presenting and Roberta Flack, Jeff Beck and Leon Russell performing, this Grammys was noticeably devoid of baby boomers, for a change. No Steely Dan, Herbie Hancock or Santana winning album of the year.

This Grammys was also missing Kanye West, even though he won two trophies. No way he was going to ruin Taylor Swift's evening this time. After she was unable to attend last year's Grammys because then-boyfriend Chris Brown beat her up, Rihanna showed up this year and collected one prize but didn't give a big speech or sing.

There was so much bleeped out language during the mashup between Lil' Wayne, Eminem and Drake, do you think it was worth doing?

Didn't Norah Jones, with her short hair, look like Reese Witherspoon with black hair?

Did you wear 3D glasses to watch "Earth Song" with footage from the Michael Jackson documentary "This Is It"? I tried for a minute but then had to return to typing my Grammys story, which is not easy wearing 3D glasses.

On Monday, about 80 singers are expected to be involved in a new recording of "We Are the World" in Los Angeles to be used for Haiti relief efforts. While Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie will be among the co-producers, few of the original 40 singers who cut the song in 1985 will participate. Wonder if Prince will be invited again this time -- since he didn't show up last time, though he contributed a track to the album.

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