A Minnesota House Ethics Committee on Tuesday dismissed DFL Rep. Phyllis Kahn's complaint against Rep. Denny McNamara over a verbal confrontation in the closing days of the legislative session.

“I want to thank the Committee for their work and for seeing Rep. Kahn’s complaint for what it was: frivolous,” said McNamara, R-Hastings. “Throughout this process I have sought to highlight that votes cast by members of the legislature, whether Republican or Democrat, should never be held against their family members. As I made very clear, my integrity is not for sale and I’m glad today that my name has been cleared.”

Kahn alleged that McNamara shouted accusations at them, saying Minneapolis park officials were ordering less from his son’s business as political payback for his desire to redirect funding from a north Minneapolis park that gets a special allotment of money for improvements.

Here’s the back story on the complaint.