Address: 1700 W. Saunders Av., St Paul

Addition size: 25,000 square feet

Cost: $17.8 million

Developer: St. Paul Public Schools

Architect: Miller Dunwiddie Architecture

Details: Highland Park Elementary School in St. Paul will see a 25,000-square-foot building addition completed by the start of the 2018-19 school year.

The $17.8 million project is part of the St. Paul Public Schools’ Facilities Master Plan, involving $484 million in new construction projects over the next five years. Among its overarching goals are adapting buildings to changing education technology and realigning resources more equitably across the district’s 72 school properties.

Highland Park and several other elementary schools were chosen for immediate improvements due to their potential for near-term overcrowding. Originally built in 1952 with additions completed in 1954 and 1997, the 41,776-square-foot school had an enrollment of 398 in 2014-15.

To accommodate the expected growth, 10,000 square feet of outdated classroom space will be demolished while the addition, including a “middle school-sized” gymnasium, will be constructed. The school cafeteria will take over the existing gym space.

Twelve new classrooms will be added. Other changes and considerations include a library/media center in the center of the school; new and updated restrooms; a safer and larger playground; a safe drop-off area with a more identifiable front entrance; and preserving access to natural daylight.