Address: 225 Radio Dr., Woodbury

Type: Medical office

Size: 54,000 square feet

Developers: Davis Group, Elion Partners

Architects: BDH + Young

Details: With the approval this summer of a new medical office building from Minneapolis-based Davis Group, the owners of Woodbury’s CityPlace are embarking on the final phase of their ambitious redevelopment of the 96-acre former State Farm Insurance campus.

Davis is codeveloping the building with CityPlace owner Elion Partners, contractor Kraus Anderson and architects BDH + Young. The plans call for a two-story structure anchored by Minnesota Gastroenterology, which signed a long-term lease for 18,000 square feet.

Set to open next summer, it will be similar to other CityPlace buildings with brick and stone exterior, generous glass elements and metal canopies.

The southern one-third of CityPlace has been completed with Whole Foods, Nordstrom Rack, Bank of America and other retail, while its north end now features a Spire Credit Union, two hotels and a Tria Orthopedics building. The only undeveloped piece is the footprint of the former State Farm building itself.

Under Elion’s latest submitted plans, the Davis building will be the first of seven office buildings in CityPlace’s business-themed final stage. They also include a restaurant and one additional hotel, located just east of a Marriott now under construction.