For happy hour Wednesday, our Star Tribune sports staff debated and drafted the “ugliest uniforms in sports.” It was a fun exercise and got me thinking about how attached hockey fans are to their sweaters.

With that in mind, we’re making a call to Puck Drop readers to submit photos of their favorite hockey jerseys, especially ones they own. It can be from whatever level of hockey you like – NHL, college, high school, youth, beer league, novelty – and we’re looking for interesting stories about why your sweater means so much to you. For example, if you have a 1991-era Basil McRae North Stars jersey, sell us on why it’s so important.

Please submit your photos (preferably in jpeg format) with your name, contact info and an explanation of why you like your jersey to the Puck Drop email address ( or on Twitter (@PuckDropMN). We’ll take the best and run them and their stories in future Puck Drop newsletters, possibly in a tournament format, depending on how many responses we receive.

To get this this endeavor started, I’ve posted some of my favorite sweaters.



1. Charlestown Chiefs, home whites from “Slap Shot’’

Of course, that nice, bright white jersey soon would have bloodstains on it if it were in that cult classic 1977 movie. Instead, I have a replica version that sets the tone for an easy Halloween costume if you add a long, black wig, some taped-up horned-rim glasses and tinfoil for your knuckles.



2. 2002 U.S. Olympic hockey, home jersey

I scoured my house high and low looking for my 1980 Miracle on Ice replica, but unfortunately that one might have escaped somehow. I’ll settle for this USA Hockey offering from the 2002 silver medalists. It gets bonus points because that team was coached by Herb Brooks.

3. 1983 Huron (S.D.) All-Stars jersey

I must admit I don’t own this sweater. A man’s gotta know his limitations, and my youth hockey playing days ended after ninth grade in favor of wrestling. Instead, this jersey belongs to a good friend of mine, who was captain of the Huron All-Stars high school state championship team and set up the winning goal in overtime of the title game. Stick tap to Lubey Englert for lending the jersey.



4. Puck Drop inaugural season

OK, these haven’t been produced yet, but they’re mock-ups from the jersey customizer on It was fun building home, road and alternate sweaters and seeing how the options would look, especially with the Puck Drop logo and color scheme. I believe they capture the spirit of the thing.

Good luck, folks. Should be a fun exercise with all of us cooped up for a while.

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