Les Grossman and Mo Lopez

Les Grossman and Mo Lopez

No surprise here:

Tom Cruise is bringing his foul-mouthed, hairy-handed Hollywood producer character Les Grossman back to the big screen.


Paramount Pictures and MTV Films say they're developing a film around the fictional character that Cruise brought to life in 2008's "Tropic Thunder." The 47-year-old actor reprised the role at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. .

It could work; Cruise was amusing in “Thunder,” but whether the character can be extended over a feature will require at least 14 writers and many boxes of Character Helper. (The recent “A-Team” movie went through 11 writers, each of whom apparently contributed one word.) If it’s a hit, all the Hollywood producers will insist it was based on them, and walk around swearing a lot, and fly to Mexico for hairy-hand transplants. They’re illegal here, no matter who you know.

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