The idea was born, during a car ride, to Adam Rehberg. Adam is an Indie board gamer, with dreams of one day opening his own brewery. Brewin’ USA finished in the top eight — out of 300 Indie games submitted — at the Cards Against Humanity Tabletop Death Match competition in 2014, and it is about to deliver the craft beer crowd a unique experience.

The game is clever, yet simple enough to finish in an hour, and can be played by 2 to 5 players. It is, essentially, a card game that incorporates bottle caps, which are used as currency to engage in bidding wars over ingredients. The goal is to start a brewery, brew and launch beer into the marketplace, and in the end dominate at brewfests to become the best in the nation. According to Adam, it’s not a typical drinking game where you see how much you can drink in a short time. “It’s about giving someone a new experience,” he explains.

Hailing from a competitive family, Adam is no stranger to board games. Seeing this project get funded on Kickstarter would serve as a stepping stone to help him break into the gaming industry. “This is my first attempt at getting a game published and it’s been a lot of fun to design,” says Adam. It will be even more rewarding to bring the game home to his family for the holidays, where his love of board games began years ago. “Whenever I go back home, board games make it to the table. It allows the competition to shine,” he says.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game for Minnesotans is the connection that Adam has made with some of our local breweries. About 20 Minnesota breweries are slated to partner with him on the game, and this was his plan all along. “We made a pretty big push to work with Minnesota breweries. It’s a game about craft beer. What makes a game unique is if you can pay it back to the community,” he says.

The goal is to get the game out by the end of October if it is fully funded by March 20th. He’s well on his way with over 75% already funded.


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