The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office semiannual warrant sweeps this month helped capture three violent men on the agency’s most wanted list.

Since the county started publicizing the sweeps before the Dec. 7 event, law enforcement has cleared 671 warrants involving 483 people. Most of the warrants were cleared through arrests, but 42 people voluntarily turned themselves in.

“My message for anyone with an outstanding warrant — turn yourself in. No matter what your warrant is for, ignoring it will not make it go away,” County Sheriff Rich Stanek said. “If you don’t turn yourself, we will find you.”

Twice a year, the Sheriff’s Office and about a dozen other area law enforcement agencies conduct sweeps to clear active warrants and makes arrests throughout the county. Last year, 1,261 warrants were cleared during a similar sweep time period.

People with all types of felony and gross misdemeanor warrants were pursued, with a focus on warrants related to violent crime. The Sheriff’s Office has 20 deputies to serving warrants daily, but the sweeps are another method to track down violent felons, Stanek said.

“We enjoy doing sweeps, and they are always successful,” Stanek said. “It’s great to work with other local agencies and learning about different techniques, tactics and strategies.”

Even if a warrant can’t be served during the sweep, deputies and officers will often learn that the suspect is staying with a relative or friend and may still be able to apprehend them.

Planning sweeps is very labor intensive, Stanek said. For each warrant, it must be determined where the suspect lives, information about associates and the risk level to deputies.

The three most wanted nabbed in this month’s sweep were:

• Corey Lee Samborski, who was arrested Dec. 7. He was convicted of felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon on Sept. 19 and failed to comply with probation.

• Larence Pierce Hood, who was apprehended on Dec. 6. He had been sentence for felony domestic assault by strangulation and didn’t comply with probation. He also had warrants for felony fifth-degree drug possession and gross misdemeanor violating a no contact order.

• Verran Zani Burdunice, who was caught Dec. 2. He had a warrant for third-degree murder involving the sale of a controlled substance.

The Sheriff’s Office has also started supplying each of the county’s 45 cities a list of outstanding warrants to allow them to pick up suspects.

“Going after those with warrants sends a strong message that we don’t forget about the victims,” Stanek said.

The Sheriff’s Office continues to urge people with active warrants to surrender to authorities regardless of the offense. It is the responsibly of an individual to determine if they are wanted on an active warrant. To determine if you have an active warrant:

Visit the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Central Records Unit at the Public Safety Facility, 401 South 4th Av., Minneapolis. The office is open 24/7.

You may also call central records to see if you have a warrant at 612-348-2000.

Tipsters are encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office with any information concerning the whereabouts of fugitives. For anonymous tips, you may call 1-888-988-TIPS (8477), text 847-411 and start your text with “HCSOtip, ” or online at,