The heat that spread into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast during the past several days will continue on Friday and in some locations last into Saturday.

During the first few weeks of summer, the hottest air was content to stay over the Central part of the country, where temperatures exceeded 100 degrees on a regular basis. In Oklahoma City, for instance, the temperature has reached or surpassed 100 on 28 of the past 30 days. In addition, the temperature soared to 110 in Oklahoma City on July 10, which is just 3 degrees shy of the hottest temperature ever recorded there.

The hottest temperatures of the summer thus far will be felt across many locations in the East on Friday as temperatures soar past 100 degrees from the Piedmont of the Carolinas northward into eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Factoring in the high dew points, it will feel like 110 or greater across this region during the peak heating of the day.

A weak frontal boundary will creep southward on Saturday, shaving a few degrees off Friday's highs; however, it will do little to help as high temperatures will remain in the upper 90s from Philadelphia to New York City. Meanwhile, triple-digit heat will once again impact areas from Baltimore southward into the Carolinas.

Story by Meteorologist Eric Leister