Bobby Z, 55, the music producer best known as a drummer for Prince, is in critical condition in a Twin Cities hospital after a heart attack.

"He had three arteries that were blocked, and the doctors on Sunday night were able to take care of two of them," Adam Rivkin, his son, told me Wednesday. "They wanted him to get stronger in order to go through the final phase and take care of the third one. He's in critical condition and resting. He needs to build his strength so his heart can work on its own. Now they have him on help. That's why he's in critical condition," said Adam, who sounded as if he was holding it together, although clearly shaken up.

On Tuesday I wrote a blind item about a music icon's heart attack.

"We saw it," said Adam. "It was nice. Everyone [in the family] knows already."

Now that text messages are flying around about Bobby Z's heart attack, Adam said it was OK to write something, even though he could not reach his mother, Vicki Rivkin, by phone to discern what she was comfortable with disclosing.

Bobby Z was selected by Prince for his first tour, according to Wikipedia, because he was a white guy and Prince wanted a racially diverse band.

Get well, Bobby Z.

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