It’s a long way from 7th St. Entry to Celine Dion’s inner sanctum, but Dan Wilson has made that the latest leap in his ever-broadening career changeover from Semisonic frontman to Los Angeles-based songwriting and production collaborator.

The St. Louis Park native co-wrote and co-produced the song “Lovers Never Die” for Dion (posted below). It’s one of the darker and feistier tunes on the Canadian mega-vocalist's first album in six years, “Courage,” which arrived over the weekend in the middle of her tour that came to Target Center earlier this month.

Dion joins an ever-growing list of superstars to enlist Wilson’s talent in the studio, also including Adele, Taylor Swift, Pink and the Dixie Chicks (the latter of whom could possibly have more Wilson collaborations on their long-awaited album expected next year).

Wilson also continues to drop near-monthly singles under his own name and voice, too, and just posted a new one last Friday that folks back home in Minnesota might find extra appealing this week, titled “Sunshine.” As we wrote about before Semisonic’s ultra-warm Basilica Block Party gig this past summer, the "Closing Time"-hitmaking trio has mostly finished its first album since 2001, one that will hopefully see sunshine next year. Until then, well, fans' hearts will have to go on.