There’s another new Paul Westerberg tune available for download today, and it’s a more serious effort than its predecessor. Or at least the song title won’t make 12-year-olds go tee-hee-hee.

The Replacements frontman just issued the second track by the I Don’t Cares, his new collaboration (or band?) with fellow ‘80s/’90s alt-rock vet Juliana Hatfield. It’s titled “King of America,” and it boasts a familiar lo-fi guitar sound and a more straight-ahead verse/chorus/bridge song structure than the previously issued track, “1/2 2 P.” Sonically, it would fit right in on “Stereo/Mono” or “Folker,” Westerberg’s basement-taped solo efforts of the ‘00s. He does almost all of the singing in this one, too.

“King of America” -- no relation to Elvis Costello’s classic of the same name – is only available for now via iTunes as a .$99 download. The duo’s full album, “Wild Stab,” is "expected" Jan. 22 according to its Amazon listing, but there's no official confirmation of that yet. It will be Westerberg's first true new record since 2004's "Folker." Here's the album cover below.