Some observational studies have suggested that children who are exclusively breast-fed have higher IQs through adolescence, and even higher incomes at age 30. But a randomized trial, a more rigorous type of study, found that breast-feeding in infancy had no discernible effect on cognitive function by the time children reached age 16. The study is in PLOS Medicine.


Antibiotics linked to rise in kidney stones

The prevalence of kidney stones in the U.S. has increased 70 percent since the 1970s, and a report in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology suggests that the use of oral antibiotics may be part of reason. Broad-spectrum penicillins increased the risk by 27 percent and sulfa drugswere associated with more than double the risk. Cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones and nitrofurantoin were also associated with increased risk.

Fish and veggies may delay menopause

A diet rich in fish and vegetables may delay the onset of menopause, an observational study found. The study, based on data on 9,027 women, found that for each additional 2½-ounce portion a day of fresh legumes (like peas or beans), menopause was delayed by about one year, and for each additional 3-ounce portion of oily fish, by about three years. Eating refined rice and pasta was associated with an earlier age of menopause.

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