Soledad O'Brien has drawn more daunting assignments in her journalism career, but you wouldn't know it by the way she shivered through a recent assignment in Minnesota.

The Emmy-winning correspondent braved the elements last month to report on the Brainerd Jaycees Annual Ice Fishing Extravaganza for "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel." The 11-minute segment will premiere at 9 p.m. Tuesday on HBO.

Much of the story focuses on Dan Eigen, a local fishing guide who helps O'Brien to bait a hook and understand that Minnesotans aren't just stock characters out of "Fargo."

O'Brien, who plays the big-city gal who can't quite understand why anyone would brace freezing temperatures to stick a rod over a hole, seems tickled by the chance to participate in the event along with 10,000 competitors. But she's even more thrilled when Eigen invites her to drop a line within the confines of his decked-out van.

"You know what I like?" she says. "That we're indoors."

Catch a sneak preview below: