Q: What happened to the Netflix show "Hart of Dixie," which was abruptly taken off the air in the middle of the series?

A: First, the series starring Rachel Bilson was discovered by a lot of folks on Netflix but was not made for that streaming service. It was first shown on the CW for four seasons in 2011-15. Netflix has been carrying the show for several years, but its rights to the series ended in December 2020. The entire series was released on DVD and can be found streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


Q: Netflix has had two seasons of the Italian crime drama "Gomorrah," despite the fact that additional seasons have been released in Europe but not in the U.S. Do you have any information about it?

A: HBO Max is now carrying three seasons of the series, which is no longer on Netflix. From what I can find, there have been four seasons of the series to date, with a fifth one planned. The first two seasons were shown on Sundance TV and then Netflix. According to Deadline.com, problems with the U.S. rights led to delays of additional releases; those issues seem to have been resolved with the HBO Max deal.

Where's Mare?

Q: "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" appears nowhere on Sundance or on demand. I wonder why TV is devoid of this treasure.

A: It isn't. As the answers above and some previous notes in this column have indicated, repeats of classic shows are moving around among broadcast, cable and streaming, leading viewers on merry chases and into new fee structures. "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," for one, now has its seven seasons on Hulu. It is also on Prime Video and on DVD.

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