South St. Paul quarterback Harrison Rund is preparing for his final season of high school football. The Packers finished 10-1 last season, their best mark since going 9-2 in 2004. Here is a closer look at Rund:

The best movie I've seen in the last year? "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II."

Three words my friends or teammates might use to describe me? Confident; determined; relaxed.

Favorite meal before a game? Subway.

How did you get started playing football? I think I just wanted to hit some people.

At my first varsity practice, I felt ... Nervous, but I was good.

What was your most memorable moment as a high school athlete? Beating Mahtomedi 28-17 (in the second-to-last regular season game last year).

What is your goal for the 2011 football season? Well, a state championship would be nice.

What have you been working on in the offseason? My football skills and getting ready for the season in the weight room.

To get focused for competition, I ... strap up my Nikes!

How do you balance school and sports during the year? School is obviously the first priority, but there is plenty of time for both.

When you have time off, what do you like to do? Catch some fish.

What is the best sports advice you ever received? To have fun.