Bed for "Candide" (1990) º

"It was stored under the stage, but there wasn't enough clearance down there for the big canopy, so I had to make the canopy extend with telescoping poles. And there had to be space for a total of five actors: one on the bed and four people hiding behind and under it, handing things through slits in the bed and the headboard."

Car for "The Great Gatsby" (2006) Ø

"We found headlights, tire rims and a steering wheel at a salvage yard. [The hubcaps are pizza pans.] Nick Golfis took care of the fenders and the fiberglass and I had to bend steel. It didn't have a 'real' motor, but there was an electric motor, so the wheels would turn. It was three-fourths scale and must have weighed about 500 pounds."

Chairs for "The House of Bernarda Alba" (1987)

"They had six chairs, but we needed 12. They were these ornate kind of Spanish chairs, so I had to duplicate them."

transforming Suitcase for "The Play's the Thing" (1994)

"It's a suitcase that becomes a desk. Richard Iglewski carried it. It was a really fun piece and [Iglewski] made it the star of the scene with how he used it when it converted from a suitcase to a desk. He stopped, in the middle of his acting, and pointed at it and the crowd went wild. I loved it."

Bicycle for "The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde" (2008) ø

"It was a treadmill with turning parts and it was supposed to look like, I believe, five people were all pedaling together. It was rustic-looking, with beams and things, and when one person would pedal, all five would move."

Bed for "The 39 Steps" (2010)

"It was a Murphy bed, but it also had to roll. The bed was spring-loaded and you couldn't hold all of the weight of the bed as it came down. It was fun to figure out where to put weights to counterbalance it. And it worked. They rolled that bed all over the place."