Police found a pistol on a student at Central High School in St. Paul on Wednesday.

No students or teachers were threatened and the pistol was never brandished, said St. Paul Schools spokesman Howie Padilla.

Police were called when a Central High School staff member overheard two male students discussing the pistol, Padilla said. When a school resource officer came into a classroom where a 17-year-old boy was sitting, the student voluntarily gave the pistol to the officer and then was arrested, said St. Paul Police spokesman John Keating. Class was not in session, Keating said.

Police declined to say whether the gun was loaded. The Ramsey County attorney's office expected to file charges in juvenile court on Friday, said spokesman Paul Gustafson.

Police questioned a second teenager and released him to his parents, Keating said.

Padilla said bringing a weapon to school usually results in expulsion.