Just in time for grilling season, Cave Tools has launched the Chicken and Turkey Roasting Rack to produce dinners cooked to perfection. After using it on a chicken, I'll confirm it performed as promised, delivering a smokier, crispier and juicier bird.

The patented nonstick, self-basting stainless steel frame makes it simple to cook poultry on the grill (or in an oven, for that matter). Dishwasher-safe, it holds up to 20 pounds, keeping the poultry at a unique 20-degree angle. The frame holds the poultry sitting with the legs facing down on the outside of the roasting rack, while keeping the wingtips tucked in the rack.

This allows drippings to pool above the breast, keeping it moist for the entire cooking process. Keeping the poultry off the grilling surface also speeds cooking time by an average of 20 minutes.

For grills and smokers, the provided instructions say to place poultry breast-side-down on the frame. On the grill, nothing needs to be added for browning or covering with foil. The final cooking temperature should reach but not exceed 165 degrees.

My invited and vaccinated guests all approved. A free download of the Barbecue Smoker Journal App is included. (cavetools.com, $20)