Q: Do you have any news on whether "The Blacklist" and "Grey's Anatomy" will be returning next season? Both shows seem to be "winding down" this season (but I hope not!).

A: "The Blacklist" has already been renewed for another season. As of this writing, "Grey's Anatomy" has not been renewed but ABC wants it as long as star Ellen Pompeo is there. However, Pompeo is reportedly at the end of her current contract and has not signed off on a new one. That has led to off-camera challenges, with "Grey's" showrunner Krista Vernoff telling the Hollywood Reporter in March that she has been structuring this entire season so it can serve as a series ender if the show does not go on. That may explain why you felt the show was winding down.

Who played Chelsea?

Q: In the old "Two and a Half Men" series there is a woman called Chelsea. Could you tell me her name and if she played in any other shows?

A: Jennifer Taylor played Chelsea Melini, one of the girlfriends of Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) on the CBS sitcom. She guest-starred in an array of TV series before and after "Men," as well as some movie appearances. Most recently, according to her Twitter account (JenniferBTaylor), she released a book of poetry, "Heart on Your Sleeve Girl." She has also been cast in a planned new thriller, "A Deadly Deed." You can find out more at jennifertaylor.me.

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