Gregg Allman's set list on Saturday at Mystic Lake

Gregg Allman's set list on Saturday at Mystic Lake


Really? A Gregg Allman concert without “Whipping Post”?

That’s like a Stones’ show without “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” Aretha’s without “Respect,” Sting’s without “Roxanne.”

Well, Allman, formerly of the Hall of Fame Allman Brothers Band, was in good voice Saturday night at Mystic Lake Showroom. His voice was more forceful than at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis in March 2015 even if he wasn’t always impassioned on Saturday.

But how could he not perform “Whipping Post”? It’s an Allman Brothers’ signature. It’s become a joke for fans to shout out “Whipping Post” at concerts by any band other than the Allman Brothers.

One dude at Mystic shouted for “Whipping Post” early on. But Gregg Allman ignored him. In fact, Gregg ignored his own prepared set list. Because “Whipping Post” was listed as the final song of the night. But he walked off before performing it – and the sound man started the recorded music and the house lights came on.

Bummer. Big-time bummer.

Other than that, it was a pretty good performance. Clocking in at 1 3/4 hours, it was similar to the Pantages concert – a mix of Allman solo material and Allman Brothers favorites.

Highlights included “One Way Out” which turned into a great groove song; the jam-band-y “Hot Lanta” instrumental; “Statesboro Blues” showcasing some nasty guitar by Scott Sharrard; “Dreams,” which was transformed into a trippy jam, and “Please Call Home,” which featured some soulful crooning by Allman.

If the Allman Brothers were built around the tension between two stellar guitarists, Gregg’s solo band is structured around the dynamics between a single lead guitarist and the three-man horn section. Oftentimes, a saxophonist or trumpeter would take a line previously played by one of the Allman Brothers’ guitarists. The vibe is no better or worse than the ABB – just different, more of an R&B feel.

Of course, how different is a Gregg Allman show without “Whipping Post”?  According to postings on, he has played the song at every performance since New Year’s Eve – the last time he didn’t tie himself to that classic in concert

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