There is a saying in the railroad industry that "anytime is train time." Starting Monday, that will be the case on the new light-rail line between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul.

More than 100 operators hired for the new Metro Green Line will begin training runs along the line to get familiar with the route along University Avenue, the stations and standard operating procedures.

"Trains may operate anytime, any day of the week," said Laura Baenen, communications manager for the Central Corridor LRT Project.

Starting in April, test runs will be confined between 5 a.m. and 1 a.m., the hours that the Green Line will operate when service to the public begins on June 14.

As testing ramps up, Baenen reminds people to always look both ways at crossings, whether on foot, bicycle or in a vehicle. A area of deep concern is the University of Minnesota campus and specifically the pedestrian mall on Washington Avenue.

"It becomes especially important for everyone to observe all pedestrian, bike and traffic laws," said Pamela Wheelock, vice president for University Services.

Violations of traffic laws are misdemeanors with $180 fines.

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