A grand jury indicted a man on first-degree murder charges in the gruesome death of his girlfriend, which was seen by residents and motorists in downtown Shakopee.

The jury indicted Alexis Saborit, 42, of first- and second-degree murder with intent, in the death of his longtime girlfriend America Mafalda Thayer, according to court documents filed Friday afternoon in Scott County District Court. His bail also was raised from $2.5 million to $4 million.

Saborit is accused of beheading Thayer in a vehicle in front of onlookers near downtown Shakopee on July 28 as the two were on the way to his court appearance for felony charges alleging that he had set fire to the couple's apartment during a confrontation with police in Shakopee.

He told police she wanted to end their relationship. He then allegedly admitted to killing her with a knife in response, according to charges.

The jury heard from just over a dozen witnesses before they issued the indictment Friday. Witnesses included a neighbor who was able to record Saborit pulling a body out of his vehicle.

Another witness who knew Saborit and Thayer told the court that when he asked where Saborit's "old lady" was a few days before her death, that Saborit responded, "I'm going to cut her (expletive) head off," and then laughed.

Thayer's friends described her as bubbly and outgoing. Her co-workers said they saw signs of domestic abuse and she would ask to stay at their homes because she feared Saborit, who remains in custody at Scott County jail.