NFL first-round draft grades tend to be viewed through only the most optimistic lens. I think of them the same way I think of the 10-day forecast on a weather app: I only agree with it if I like the forecast, and I immediately disregard the bad news with the notion that "nobody really knows what the weather will be like until about 24-48 hours out" just like we won't really know how drafted players fare until a ways down the road.

With that in mind, the 10-day forecast in Minneapolis is not great and I'm ignoring it. But the first-round draft grades for the Vikings' No. 18 overall pick Garrett Bradbury: They're good! Very good! So they must be right. Let's take a look at a few:

CBS Sports. Grade: B+. Comment: "Bradbury is very athletic, not a very big kid, but he can move."

The grade was even better (A), while's Andy Benoit doled out an A+ — the only one given in the first round.

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