Gov. Mark Dayton said Friday that he plans to pitch an $850 million bonding bill in February.

"I’m going to propose a bonding bill this year…probably about $850 million or so," Dayton told reporters shortly after he spoke at the annual Department of Natural Resources "roundtable," where he told stakeholders he plans to propose legislation to mandate 50-foot "buffer zones" around waterways to prevent water runoff pollution and preserve pheasant habitats.

Asked how Dayton would fund the measure, Dayton said about $150 million would come from the bonding bill, which he will propose after the Minnesota Management and Budget office releases its February forecast.

Although 2015 is considered a budget year and not typically a bonding year, odd-year bonding bills are not unheard of. This year's bill would come on the heels of a $1 billion bonding bill passed last session.