Gov. Mark Dayton wrote a sharply worded letter to House Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, accusing him of “partisan political rhetoric” and foot dragging on a proposal to give rebates to Minnesotans facing spiking health insurance premiums.

In late October, Dayton proposed 25 percent rebates to Minnesotans who buy their health insurance on the individual market and earn too much income to receive government subsidies to defray the cost. Premiums on the individual market, where about 250,000 Minnesotans get their insurance, are increasing 50 percent or more next year.

Republicans pummeled the DFL on the issue during the election campaign that ended Tuesday with the GOP taking the Senate and expanding their majority in the House.

“I have not received a reply to this proposal from you or your Caucus. I left a voicemail message with you yesterday morning and have yet to receive a reply,” Dayton wrote to Daudt, while copying other caucus leaders.
“(Your) press remarks … contained yet another round of the same pre-election attacks on MNsure, the Affordable Care Act, and me. That partisan political rhetoric is counter-productive,” he continued.
The Dayton letter is likely a preview of the next two years, when Minnesotans can expect to see frequent partisan wrangling between the DFL governor and the GOP Legislature. 
Dayton also rejected Daudt’s proposal to reopen talks on taxes and a major public works package, saying they would merely complicate plans to get quick help to insurance customers.
An email to the House GOP for comment was not immediately returned.