If our guy Michael Rand knows how to count, there were roughly 39,000 seats available for the Twins-Tigers game going on downtown.

Those clever folks on social media were having a field day (empty field day?) with the tiny crowd, tweeting photos of the beautiful ballpark with oceans of empty green chairs.

One photo worth mentioning showed the positive side of the uber-small crowd: Byron Buxton hanging with fans before the game showed why being one of the only ones around can be a good thing. That’s a “good look” for Buxton and the Twins, to quote Rand.

Now, the afternoon game at Target Field was a make-up game, and those games traditionally don’t draw good crowds. And yes: We had swimming pools’ worth of rain in the past 24 hours, so maybe people aren’t thinking “outside baseball!” this very moment.

But an open chair is an open chair.