There are many locations throughout North and South America that broadcast live video feeds of birds at feeders or on nests. A list can be found at

Seven sites are listed as live today, Monday, Jan. 2. Live refers to camera action, not bird activity. The Cornell Sapsucker Woods feeder cam shows empty feeders swaying in a breeze. I assume the feeders will be filled when this extended holiday ends. There are some Mallards on the pond in the background. The feeders in Ontario are full, but no birds were present at 1:30 p.m. They will return. Evening and Pine Grosbeaks are often seen here. What you hear there today is someone scraping/shoveling snow. You probably will hear that in your neighborhood tomorrow. There is an Osprey cam in Montana, today showing a nest full of snow, audio a howlling wind. The Green-and-white Hummingbird show from South America ended today when the two chicks fledged. Three other sites are said to be live, but aren't.

I check these now and then, pleasantly surprised now and then.