Good company

Vikings running back Dalvin Cook became the first NFL player to score a touchdown on a team’s first four possessions since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970. His four touchdowns against the Packers on Sunday also tied a team record, set by Chuck Foreman in 1975 and equaled by Ahmad Rashad in 1979. Here are some details from those earlier games:

Player Date Result, opp. TDs

Foreman 12/20/75 35-13, W, Bills 2 rush, 2 rec.

7Foreman’s TDs (4, 1 yards rushing; 1, 6 receiving) helped cap a 12-2 season before Vikings lost to Dallas in “Hail Mary” playoff game.

Rashad 9/2/79 28-22, W, 49ers 4 rec.

7All of Rashad’s TD catches (52, 32, 8 and 25 yards) from Tommy Kramer came in the second half. Vikings went on to finish 7-9, their first sub-.500 season since 1967.