ajThe folks at Twins Daily did the world a great service recently when they sifted through a bunch of actual old scouting reports to dig out some great nuggets on a notable players in Twins history.

The impetus was the recent retirement of Michael Cuddyer and LaTroy Hawkins, but I found the extras at the bottom of the page to be more fun. Some of the best:

AJ Pierzynski: “Sunken chested and could use upper-body development … Poor speed but doesn’t stop being aggressive … Aggressive in everything he does. Intense. Has a ML ego and some showmanship. Getting a lot of attention and ESPN filmed a special on him today. Very young – not 18 until December – and fame maybe taking a toll.”
— George Bradley, White Sox scout

Shannon Stewart: “Gave him a 2 arm because he has two arms.”
— Ed Creech, Pirates scout

Willie Banks: “Reminds me of Bob Gibson … Not only will be a high draft pick, but is capable of pitching in the big leagues very quickly becoming an ‘impact player’.”
— Billy Blitzer, Cubs scout

Please do read them all on the above link. And if you’re feeling creative, go ahead and make up some of your own in the comments.

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