Last year I took Minneapolis Parks and Rec to task over a mis-mowing incident when lots of valuable habitat plants along the shore of Lake Calhoun were cut down while still blooming. A blow to pollinators and a bad view too.

But now I have something nice to say to the park board. 

It's so good to see the latest trees they are planting throughout the parks around the city lakes. Hopefully the same is happening all around the city.

You can spot the new trees with their green turtlenecks (tree-gator water reservoirs) and colorful ribbons. I've been going on a tree treasure hunt as I make my way around all of the trails, checking out all the new still leafless species by reading the labels on the fluttering ribbons. 

It's good to see the wide variety of trees and so many pollinator-friendly trees at that. Catalpa, buckeye, linden, Kentucky coffee tree. These trees had fallen out of favor for a while because their seed pods are considered messy. Meanwhile wildlife just call that food. Great to see the added biodiversity that helps our urban forest stay healthy for generations of people and wildlife to come.

The Catalpa tree: Beautiful flowers and bee-friendly too. 

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