In Scotland a paid of enormous horse-heads have been unveiled. They’re blue and lit up at night.

(Source: The Helix, wikipedia.)

The Guardian disapproves:

Scotland has unveiled the latest misbegotten "masterpiece" of public art. It is big. It is bold. And it is rotten.

What’s the problem, exactly? A lack of equine truth:

Scott's horses are neither well observed nor powerfully imagined – they are simply stale equine symbols. Without the precision and originality of Leonardo's obsessive studies of the anatomy and movement of the horse, or similar depictions of equine truth by the likes of Degas or the 18th-century artist George Stubbs, what's the point of portraying horses? The Kelpies is just a kitsch exercise in art "for the people", carefully stripped of difficulty, controversy and meaning.

Because unless something is difficult or controversial it’s bad art. Meaning arises from difficulty. Perhaps if the enormous horse-heads were vomiting television sets and tennis shoes they would be making a comment on something, but as it stands, you can look at them without struggling. What a wasted opportunity!

Here’s a gallery of people actually enjoying the sculpture with smiles on their faces.

In related news: if you’re wondering why that Avril Lavrigne song said “Kawaii” over and over again, here’s some repurposed Kawaii-culture stuff glued on a wall by a silly man in a fur hat. Beautiful Decay says:

Last month, Chelsea’s Kianga Ellis Projects provided Masuda with the space to create a wonderfully weird, colorful wonderland that included plastic toys, bundles of fake fur, stuffed animals, and other accoutrements of manufactured cuteness. The installation was to be read as an autobiographical space, one that, through its many layers, compiled universal themes such as delusion and fate.

Okay. Art? Sure. But sometimes a person just needs a murderous dictator riding winged dolphins, and you wonder where you can turn.

We can help.

(via Jacob Allen's Instagram feed.)

TECH I love gadgets beyond reason, and have never thought Google Glass was a good idea. Someone finally summed it all up in 30 seconds:

WEB Came across a BuzzFeed post about Incredibly Useful Websites You’re Probably Not Using, Loser, and it was actually useful. At the bottom is a link to the reddit thread where it all started, so why don’t you just go there and enjoy. For some reason is included. Granted, you can do anything you want there, but, well, no.

Who knew there was a post-office box locator? And it’s an offshoot of the Payphone Project, which I recall from the early days of the internet. Which made me think of the Mojave Phone Booth, another piece of forgotten interent culture. The number was retired in 2000, but the Wikipedia page says “The Mojave phone booth's number, was acquired by phone phreak Lucky225 on July 31, 2013, and now rings into a conference where strangers can once again connect just like when the phone booth was active.” It would be amusing if all you heard was the Hamster Dance song.

NEWS Headline of the day: “Neighbor must pay for damage caused by an exploding corpse.” You may think, well, why not?

Votd This seems rather inevitable. I don’t think the “Start SEEING cyclists” bumpersticker would have helped.

Have a fine Monday, damp though it may be.