The moment when you box away your maternity clothes is bittersweet.

On one hand, it’s the realization that you no longer have a need for them. On the other hand, you no longer have a need for them!

But what to do with a pile of barely worn clothes? Sure, you could sell them or donate them, but that would require leaving the house with a newborn. Or, you could have someone come to your house and pay you to take your unwanted clothes.

That is the new business model of Twin Cities resale company Bellies to Babies. The process is simple: Make an appointment, someone from the company arrives at your door and buys your maternity clothing on the spot.

The best part? They’ll bring you your favorite coffee drink. No, you are not dreaming.

“The customer selling clothing to us most likely has a newborn at home and getting out of the house to come visit one of our stores can be a huge to-do, so us coming to them makes it a little easier,” said Bellies to Babies owner Dan Canfield.

The new service is proving popular with busy moms.

“I’d had a basket of stuff sitting in my laundry room waiting for months to go to the consignment store, but with three kids under 3, I just couldn’t seem to find time to go myself,” said Bethany Penna of St. Louis Park.

Of course, the part where they deliver coffee is nice, too. But now if they could only figure out how to deliver sleep.□