For a guy so well-known for being in bars three to five nights a week, Brian (GB) Leighton has made a bold if not exactly shocking move and entered rehab at Hazelden. We know this because Brian himself made the announcement on his website, explaining, "I need to be healthy again, physically and mentally."

His openness is part of why I say it's so bold, but he obviously had to provide some kind of explanation for why he canceled all his shows for the month of February. This is not a guy who can quietly take a month off without people noticing (and without the bars and his band losing a lot of money). The only other time he missed a chunk of shows was when he battled testicular cancer in 2008, and even then he wasn't even out two whole weeks (!). But enough was enough, apparently. Leighton says in his posting that he has tried out-patient rehab programs several times in the past but, "When I'm in treatment during the day and in a bar that same night facing my demons, it doesn't work."

He makes it clear that in no way does he plan to lighten up on performing when he gets out, and he even hopes to emerge with "more energy and excitement." He ends his message with, "See you in a month."

Tim Mahoney will be filling in for Leighton's Wednesday gigs at Bunker's starting on Feb. 10.

(Photo by Carey Lundberg)