There have been plenty of comedies based on the Watergate scandal, but "Gaslit" may be the most outrageous of them all. Much of the action centers on Attorney General John Mitchell (an unrecognizable Sean Penn) and his wife, Martha (Julia Roberts), who would have a nasty split during the scandal. But creator Robbie Pickering dedicates plenty of time to John Dean, G. Gordon Liddy and other Nixon loyalists who all come across like characters in a lost season of "Veep." How such a rip-roaring limited series ended up on Starz instead of a more prestigious platform is a real mystery. 7 p.m. Sunday, Starz

'We Own This City'

"The Wire" co-creator David Simon returns to the streets of Baltimore for another look at police corruption. This time the target is a gun task force whose members routinely stuff drug money into their own pockets and engage in racist acts more often than they take coffee breaks. The six-part series isn't as rich as Simon's past work, in large part because it's built almost entirely out of rage. That's understandable — but exhausting. 8 p.m. Monday, HBO

'The Survivor'

Ben Foster underwent a dramatic physical transformation to play Harry Haft, a former Auschwitz prisoner who would go on to face Rocky Marciano. But his most daunting opponent is the guilt over the decisions he made to make it out of the death camp. Director Barry Levinson shows he knows his way around the ring in the brutal boxing scenes, but too often the movie feels heavy-handed. Instead of being moved, you're left with a concussion. 7 p.m. Wednesday, HBO


This instructional series is no substitute for a real-life art lesson. But doodlers are sure to pick up some helpful tips from a variety of Disney animators as they show you how to draw beloved characters like Olaf, Captain Hook and the Genie. Wednesday, Disney Plus

'The Aristocrats'

The late Gilbert Gottfried was mainly known as a troublemaker who couldn't even hold onto his job as a talking duck in insurance commercials. In truth, he was a brilliant standup who peppered his routines with clever pop-culture references and killer punch lines. There are no standup specials that truly showcase his talent, but watch him steal the show from his fellow comics in this documentary about the world's filthiest joke. Various platforms including Pluto, Roku, Crackle and Tubi