During our nonvoluntary vacations, screen times will increase for the foreseeable future, requiring a lot more charging.

If I had to choose the perfect portable battery, it’s the myCharge HubTurbo. You can get 6,700 mAh ($90) and 10,050 ($110), both of which are built with Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 turbo technologies, allowing devices to be charged up to 75% faster. Apple Lightning and USB-C cables are built into the side of the battery along with a USB port. Pull out the integrated cables when needed or tuck them in to prevent damage.

When the battery itself needs charging, just fold out the built-in wall prongs to plug into any standard electrical outlet. After the charge, the battery will maintain its power for up to one year. Pass-through charging allows the battery to recharge while it’s connected to your device.

Another option from myCharge is the 8,000 mAh rugged outdoor Powerfold portable battery ($60) with detachable solar panels, ideal if you’re putting together a disaster kit. It’s pocket-size, but folds out with three weather-resistant solar panels with a rubberized finish. About four hours will give it a full charge. The battery can be separated from the solar panels and has a pair of built-in USB ports and a built-in flashlight with SOS and strobe mode for emergency situations. Details at myCharge.com.

GREGG ELLMAN, Tribune Content Agency