Rather than having to remember a combination or have a key to open it, the Tapplock Lite uses your fingerprint.

The portable padlock opens in less than 0.8 seconds after being programmed with your fingerprint. You can store as many as 100 fingerprints for each lock, which are managed in the Tapplock app.

In addition to the fingerprints, you can use the Tapplock app to open the lock with Bluetooth or with a combination used via Morse code.

With the app you can remotely manage the Bluetooth access on any other stored fingerprints. Specific dates and times can be set along with revoking access.

The Tapplock Lite is built with a metal chassis and an IP67 rating, making it perfect for the outdoors — it can withstand being fully submerged in water or even sweaty/wet fingerprints.

Inside is a rechargeable battery that’s good for eight months or 1,200 unlocks. The app shows the battery level and when it needs a charge. A blinking light goes off on the lock when the level is below 10%. A nice feature allows it to be unlocked with just an eight-second charge with a portable battery, in the event the lock’s battery goes totally dead. ($39 each, two-pack for $72, three-pack for $105, tapplock.com)

GREGG ELLMAN, Tribune Content Agency