It's rare in life that you find someone who could find laughter in every day and every was a rare day that he didn't have an impact on someone, that he didn't make someone laugh...or, at least cock his eyebrow...challenging the status quo with a never ending passion and love for his wife, children, grandchildren, extended family, his friends and his dogs...he was social media before facebook...he delivered his daughters wedding reception speech from a toilet paper roll...he loved the lake and even as his health challenged him, he found the message of humor in 'My Meds' - his boat and pride and joy of Lake Minnetonka...he threw parties for family and friends, that people looked forward too annually and talk about to this day...he fell off the roof and the ladder insuring his grandchildren saw the Spirit of Christmas...he gave his time to rescue dogs and give them their forever homes...he served his Country in the National the season of giving thanks and celebration, we celebrate him, we remember him, we thank God for giving him to us and allowing him to be a part of each of our lives...we thank him for everything he gave to us, the love he showed to all of us as husband, dad, brother, papa, family and friend...Bruce Everett the day that will come when we walk on the docks in heaven and catch that big one again!  P.S. Christmas Vacation will be playing all Christmas Day!