The drama behind the scenes at CW23 may not be as titillating as what's going down on, say, "Jane the Virgin," but it's worth noting that the local affiliate has a new captain.

Tom Burke, a long-time sales and account executive at the station, has been named station manager, a new position that will cover duties previously overseen by the general manager and the general sales manager.

The restructuring forced the departure of previous GM Paula Peden, who had joined WUCW in 2012. According to a station spokesperson, Peden was let go five weeks ago and, to his knowledge, is not currently employed at a new station.

Co-Chief Operation Office of Sinclair, which owns WUCW, praised Burke for having long "proven himself a successful and innovative leader."

Fun fact: Tom Burke's brother, Jim Burke, Jr., is an Oscar-nominated producer whose credits include "The Descendants" and the upcoming film "Wilson," which was shot in Minnesota.