In the title role of “Young Sheldon,” 9-year-old Iain Armitage is as impressive as most grown-ups on TV. Five more child actors talented beyond their years:

Hudson Yang

In: “Fresh Off the Boat” (2015-).

His character: Eddie defies his Taiwanese parents by embracing rap, hoops and mediocre grades. But his biggest act of rebellion? Not looking like the typical Hollywood star.

Age when show started: 12.

Keshia Knight Pulliam

In: “The Cosby Show” (1984-92).

Her character: Sweet Rudy was the perfect audience for goofy Pop. In a perfect world, she and “Bud” are happily married and have five adorable kids of their own.

Age when show started: 5.

Kiernan Shipka

In: “Mad Men” (2007-15).

Her character: The most vexing female in Don Draper’s life, Sally had more in common with her duplicitous dad than either would like to admit.

Age when show started: 8.

Sara Gilbert

In: “Roseanne” (1988-97; 2018-).

Her character: Darlene broke all previous records for sarcasm while using it as a weapon against her folks. The show’s upcoming revival, orchestrated by Gilbert, finds the character dealing with parental woes of her own.

Age when show started: 13.

John Aaron Bennett

In: “I’ll Fly Away” (1991-93).

His character: John Morgan, youngest son of a 1960s civil rights lawyer (Sam Waterston) who bonds with a black housemaid (Regina Taylor) over their mutual love for the boy in a drama that’s just as powerful as “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Age when show started: 7.

Neal Justin