A year after celebrating their first trip to the playoffs this millennium, the Bills are, frankly, a disaster. They're 0-2. They've been outscored 78-23 by the Ravens (47-3) in Baltimore and the Chargers (31-20) in Buffalo. And now they head to U.S. Bank Stadium as a 17-point underdog — their most lopsided point spread since they lost at Miami as an 18-point underdog in 1985.

Rookie quarterback Josh Allen, the seventh overall pick out of Wyoming, was the proverbial deer in the headlights in his NFL starting debut last week.

Old friend Leslie Frazier had his play-calling duties as defensive coordinator stripped at halftime. And that was only the second-most dramatic event that occurred at the intermission. Starting cornerback Vontae Davis did something he could regret the rest of his life when he stunned the league by retiring after 10 seasons — or nine seasons and six quarters, to be exact.