KNOW THIS reported that some sort of electronic counting technology might be coming to Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest after competitors were shorted a few hot dogs in Wednesday's event. This sounds like the best and worst job all at once.


It's the first day of World Cup quarterfinals, with Uruguay facing France (9 a.m.) and Belgium against Brazil (1 p.m.) taking the pitch on FS1.


"I like the words speed and grit! I have watched [J.T. Brown] in Tampa and he will be a great 4th liner. If you followed the Stanley Cup you saw that the 4th line matters. Now pull the trigger and trade Coyle and Foligno. This team could shape up fast."

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"$20 is like an adult dollar." —NBA player Reggie Bullock, who makes more than almost all of us but still isn't wrong.