Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on Tuesday announced that he's selected an advisory group to provide him with recommendations on how the city should boost its economic recovery efforts.

It is the second of three commissions the mayor has formed to advise him on key issues as he prepares to take on additional responsibilities next week. This fall, voters approved a charter change that designates the mayor as the "chief executive" responsible for overseeing most departments' operations, and prohibiting the council from interfering with his directions. The change takes effect Dec. 3.

Frey said he hopes the group will provide him with recommendations early next year on a number of topics, including how they could structure the city's budget to encourage recovery.

The group includes 26 people from a mixture of private businesses, nonprofits and labor organizations. It will be co-chaired by PJ Hill, a financial adviser and vice president of the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP, and Adam Duininck, director of governmental affairs at the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters.

Frey said he doesn't imagine the commissions will meet publicly, because he wants members to be able to speak frankly while debating which recommendations to provide. He said he does imagine their recommendations will be publicly released.