Mayor Jacob Frey announced his first three nominations this week for city department heads.

Frey, who took office last month, wants to keep City Attorney Susan Segal, City Assessor Patrick Todd and Public Works Director Robin Hutcheson on the payroll. The nominations must be confirmed by the city’s Executive Committee, of which Frey is the chair.

Segal and Todd were appointed during R.T. Rybak’s tenure. Hutcheson was appointed in 2016, during Betsy Hodges’ term.

In a statement, Frey said the three have “made tough decisions to advance progressive causes” in the city.

“Their leadership is time-tested, and I know that their reappointments to these important positions will reinforce the stability that we need to implement ambitious plans in our Public Works Department, City Attorney’s Office, and City Assessor’s Office,” the mayor said.

The Executive Committee is scheduled to meet Tuesday at 10 a.m. in room 317 of City Hall.