If Christine O’Donnell — the Delaware Senate candidate who rode the Tea Party wave to a primary upset —  wins the general election and joins the Senate, it won’t be the first time she’s shared a national stage with Sen. Al Franken.

Back in 1997, O’Donnell and Franken appeared as panelists on TV host Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect.”

The pair of potential Senate colleagues tussled over sex and condoms while talking about then-President Clinton’s welfare reform bill, which included a sex-ed provision that instructors should teach that extra-marital sex has "harmful physical and psychological effects.”

As O’Donnell, who appeared as president of a pro-abstinence group, objected to giving teens condoms, Franken responded: "I think hypocrisy will have harmful psychological and physical effects. Don't you?"  

O’Donnell was a repeat guest on Maher’s ABC show back in the ‘90s. Maher, now the host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO, has started releasing clips of O’Donnell’s appearances, including when she said she “dabbled in witchcraft.”

Maher has also demanded O'Donnell come on his current show, and said he'll continue to release videos if she refuses. “It’s like a hostage crisis,” he said. “Every week you don’t show up, I’m going to throw another body out."

Watch the full clips below:

(h/t TPM)